Low Light Flowering Plants

low light flowering plants

    flowering plants
  • (flowering plant) angiosperm: plants having seeds in a closed ovary

  • (Magnoliophyta). This is the most diverse and numerous division of plants, with upwards of 400,000 species. Typically the largest flowering plant (angiosperm) has been considered Eucalyptus regnans, which can reach heights of 92 m (304 ft)[6].

  • A plant that produces flowers; an angiosperm

  • (2. flowering plant) a plant with long sword-shaped leaves. Flowers: many-colored. Genus Iris.

    low light
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low light flowering plants - LED Wholesalers

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81% (16)

Thundering Ovation

Thundering Ovation

This daylily flowered for the first time in our garden today.

Bit of a challenge to shoot because the wind has become very gusty. I used a Pentax AF-540FGZ hotshoe flash, on manual close to full power, in an 18" softbox above-left. Triggered optically. Shutter dragged to bring up the background.

Cattail Flowers, Low Light

Cattail Flowers, Low Light

Does anyone know the ID of this blooming plant? I got it at Fry's Supermarket a few days ago. This was taken without flash early in the morning when the light comes through the window just right. See the other two images for more handheld experiments in low light.

low light flowering plants

low light flowering plants

Two baby Jewel (Ludisia discolor) orchid plants

Grown primarily for their beautiful foliage, these Jewel orchids grow like tropical weeds, so just about anyone can get them to thrive. The secret is relatively low light (indoors is fine) and keeping them moist but not sopping wet. Fertilize every three or four weeks or so, very weakly. It's a forgiving plant, but it does need humidity to look good and survive. We grow them in sphagnum moss. These will put out lots of small white flowers with yellow centers on an upright spike. The ones offered here are likely to bloom within a year or so. These are terrestrial orchids (unlike most orchids, you can grow them in soil) and they are native to Indonesia and Burma. When potted, Ludisia spreads to overtake the pot and matures into a large specimen plant. You can propagate by taking cuttings. These have dark brownish-green leaves with beautiful stripes of reddish gold. You are purchasing two plants, in a 4-inch pot. The leaves are two to 3 inches long already, and we always ship the largest. Allow to dry almost completely between waterings. Grow these in deep shade or low light. You can buy with confidence. Orchids from The Orchid Gallery are guaranteed. Period.

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